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Emergency Vet Buenos Aires

If you are coming across this post because you were Googling for emergency vets in Buenos Aires, click here to skip ahead to the listings.

Holly always seems to get sick at the worst times. Did we tell you that less than a week before we set out on our leap year, she ate one of those cable tacks? Yeah, the kind with a NAIL in it. When we told the vet she pooped it out, his response was, “Well, better out than in, huh?”

Last Thursday night after our fried chicken and beer night, we came home to find that she’d barfed…but eaten most of it. For those of you who know me, you know that I find the mere thought of this extremely nauseating. A few minutes later, she was pacing and whining and got sick all over again. She spent the most of Friday and Saturday looking like this.


Sick Holly


She’s prone to stomach upset and didn’t have any other symptoms, so we figured we’d cut her food intake and let her ride it out.

Fast forward to this morning — Easter, when all the nearby vets are closed. Holly was acting really sluggish, and then threw up FOUR TIMES this morning. And the amount was…generous. Ugh, I’m queasy just typing this. Thank goodness for Chris, today’s MVP, who cleaned it all up while I hid in the other room.

After the fourth time, we were like, “OK, so maybe we shouldn’t wait to take her to the vet,” because we’ve never seen her this sick before. After some Googling, I come across the website of a vet who does house calls. I apologize profusely for bothering him on the holiday, and ask if he can refer us to a 24-hour veterinary clinic, since most of what I find on Google is outdated yellow pages-style listings.

Here’s who I talked to and who he referred me to:

House Call Vet (not for emergencies)
15-5887-9861 (mobile)

Centro Veterinario Paunero (open 24 hours for emergencies)
French 2673 (esq. Laprida) in Palermo/Recoleta
11-4802-6837 (office)

Centro Medico Veterinario Buenos Aires (open 24 hours for emergencies)
Boedo 840 (esq. Estados Unidos) in Boedo
11-4931-4425 (office)

Ultimately, we took Holly to Centro Veterinario Paunero. We had to wait about 30 minutes because there were several people ahead of us with more urgent cases, including a little doggy getting a cast on its leg.

The staff was really friendly and the vet we saw said that we just need to fast her for a little while, then switch her to a bland diet. She also injected her with an antiemetic for the nausea, which perked her back up in no time. She must have ate something that really, really irritated her system, so she just needs to cool it for a few days. The cost for the visit and injection was US$19.

We can tell she’s feeling better because she’s hounding us for food. Sorry, little girl — doctor’s orders.


Holly feeling better


UPDATE: We found out what she ate. Naughty girl!



  1. So glad she’s feeling better! What a cute little begger she is.

  2. I’m glad she’s feeling better. I remember the time when she ate a cable tack as you told me about it over dinner at your house. $19 for a vet? I think Prof, Sarge and I will move there!!!!

    You have to make sure things are out of her reach especially household cleaning products. It’s like having a toddler in the house.

    I miss you guys! Love you!!!

  3. I am glad she is feeling better. These things always do happen at the worst times. She just can’t get enough garbage!

  4. Thanks, you guys. Who knows what she ate? She’s getting better slowly but surely, so that’s good. She sends her love, and in exchange she wishes you’d send her treats.

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