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While we do not have a formal itinerary, we are focusing primarily on Latin America and wanted to head south first so we didn’t miss the summer. We’ll log where we are and where we’ve been on this map. Have a travel tip or location suggestion? Put it in the comments!



  1. If you’re going to Costa Rica…

    On the Nicoya Peninsula in Nosara on Pacific side, an awesome awesome B&B I staying in about 8 years ago, run by a French couple who were trained in high-end hospitality. It’s small and quaint and off the beaten track (e.g. NOT TOURISTY) and wonderful. 10 minute walk to a non-commercial beach. you will need a car to get there.


    • Awesome! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hey Tamara and Chris! It’s Carolyn, Narissa’s old roommate. I went on that Yosemite trip a few years back. I also work at Planned Parenthood which is why I knew you T. Annnways, my boyfriend and I are planning a leap year of our own as well with a similar itinerary! Would love to chat with you and pick your brain sometime! Love the blog! Your trip so far looks amazing! And you have some very helpful links and articles for inspiration. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for you :)

    • Of course we remember you! How exciting for you and your boyfriend! Would be more than happy to share whatever guidance we can. Just get in touch whenever you’d like and we’ll Skype. Thanks for checking out our blog! :)

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