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UPDATE: Our Leap Year ended in October of 2014 in the best way possible. We crossed back into the U.S. from Mexico by land and visited friends and family before hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail, going to a wedding in New York, and celebrating my (Tamara’s) 30th birthday in Montreal. Beginning in January 2015, we’re traveling across North America in our minivan-turned-camper. Follow our new adventures on our new blog, Nomads With a Van.


/ WHAT IS A LEAP YEAR? / Technically, it’s a sabbatical abroad. We started in October 2013. It’s a year where we’ll test our ability to be flexible and adapt to new cultures, put our faith in the universe that everything will be fine even if we stray from commonly accepted definitions of success, and be open to what we’ll learn simply by slowing down. We like our lives, but we need both a break and a challenge.

/ WHO ARE YOU? / We’re Chris and Tamara. Tamara primarily authors the blog. We call San Francisco home. Our professions are government auditor and strategic communications consultant, respectively. We’ve been married since 2008. Chris is ISTJ and Tamara is ESTJ, so a year without any plan whatsoever will be…interesting. We’re also traveling with our 15-year-old cairn terrier, Holly, who loves being anywhere the treats are.


Tamara and Chris  Holly


/ WHAT IS ON THIS BLOG? / Our goal is a photo a day once on the road and minimal rambling. They won’t all be exciting, but they’re a chronicle of our leap year and what we’re learning. We hope they inspire you to take whatever leap you’ve been thinking about too.

/ HAVE QUESTIONS FOR US? / You can try the FAQ, or feel free to email us at murray.tamara.a [at] gmail or ctrensch [at] gmail. We’d love to hear from you!


  1. Good luck. Don’t forget to look both ways before you cross the street.

  2. Had a fantastic time with you two today. Great to meet you! We couldn’t have asked for nicer Chilean cooking class buddies.

    Chris + Laura

    • Ditto! We had a blast. Enjoy the next leg of your trip in Argentina! :)

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