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Fukuro Noodle Bar Buenos Aires

Hot sauce! We found a place with hot sauce!

We had dinner at this delicious (and deliciously trendy) ramen restaurant this evening. It was started by a couple with roots in both Argentina and the U.S., and they make a tasty dumpling. Did you know that Argentinian food is not spicy? Same with Chilean food. Sometimes you’ll find a Tabasco-like chili sauce, but it’s more vinegar than heat. We’ve been really missing Asian foods, in addition to hot sauce, so we were in heaven.


Fukuro Noodle Bar Buenos Aires 2


Speaking of heaven and dogs that are trying to go there early, we figured out why Holly is so sick. Let’s go from the appetizing to the totally unappetizing:


Holly Rock


We found this rock in Holly’s poop today. It’s somewhere between the size of a nickel and a quarter. WTF.

Don’t ask us how we found it and what we had to do to identify it; your imagination will suffice. We have no idea when she ate this, and we’re hoping it was the only one. She seems to be feeling a lot better, but if her bad stomach persists we’ll take her back to the vet.

In other news, I published a guest blog on Brazen Careerist today with advice on how to take a leap year of your own! You know you want to take a career break too. All the cool kids are doing it.

Lastly, we’re in the home stretch planning for our next location. Tomorrow, I have to get on the phone with the animal health inspectors at our destination airport to make sure they accept animals entering into the country 24/7. It’s important to confirm before we book our plane tickets. If we arrive when the inspectors aren’t there, they might quarantine her — or send us back!


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