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Papa and Holly

We’re back in La Paz — and Holly is happy! So is my dad. Look at those happy faces! She’s even smiling after having to get pat down by an airport security agent. Yes, a PAT DOWN. So. Ridiculous.

We’re exhausted after a long travel day, leaving Tulum so early that we had to say our good-byes to the Caribbean yesterday.


Goodbye Tulum


About an hour after we snapped this photo, some storm clouds came in. As everyone was making their way out of the water, Chris and I ran in for one last dip — and ended up with pounds of sand in our bathing suits from the churning waves.

We actually felt like it was a proper end to our time there, like Tulum was saying, “OK, you saw me at my best and I have to leave you wanting more. Go on to your next adventure and I’ll be here waiting for you next year.”


    • Thanks, Elysha! I love treats! – Holly

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