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Chris and William Tulum Boat

This is Chris with William, el capitán. His boat is set up near our favorite part of the beach, and today we decided to take a ride to snorkel in the reef.

We saw lots of fish, my favorite being the yellow-tailed damselfish, whose spots glowed under water. We also took a ride past the ruins at breakneck speed, so I only managed to capture a few photos when I wasn’t white-knuckling it.


Tulum Ruins from Water 2


Tulum Ruins from Water 1


Tamara and Chris Tulum Boat


In other news, our little Holly is starting to feel her age. She’s still got good energy and is quite playful, but she’s starting to get a little more sickly. She’s got a mild case of bronchitis, which the vet says is just due to her age, so she’s on some antibiotics. But she won’t let it slow her down! She loves playing with her toys and hounds us when we take them away so she can rest.



Other updates:

  • Sabbatical Stories: Part 2 is out, this time interviewing two women who used sabbaticals to change their careers.
  • I talked to Lisa and Brookie, who we met in Costa Rica, about how they set up their new life abroad and will share their story soon.
  • Our friend Carolyn and her boyfriend Jon are heading out for a 1-2 year round-the-world adventure in one month!
  • Part of us wishes we were still in Argentina so we could watch Sunday’s final match there!


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