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Tacos Buenos Aires

We had a major meltdown. While eating more bland-yet-also-somehow-sweet food, we both looked at each other and felt a lot of emotions that can only be described by these gifs. First, we were like:



And then, Chris was like:



And I was totally about to:



But somehow we managed to keep our cool. We said, “Remember? Remember when we used to eat delicious tacos al pastor in Mexico City?”

Maybe our reactions surprise you. That’s because we can’t share everything we’re thinking on this blog or else it would be impossible to maintain. Let’s just say, besides closed door restaurants serving international cuisine, we haven’t had a meal worth writing about in a while.

We came across a blog post for gringos like us who are missing Mexican food and trying desperately to find some. So we went to La Fabrica del Taco to see if anything could satisfy our craving basic human need for strong flavor.


Tacos Buenos Aires 2


Tacos Buenos Aires 3


The good:

  • The hot sauce was hot
  • The carnitas had good flavor and were juicy
  • Housemade tortillas
  • Big tacos
  • Friendly and fast service

The not-so-good:

  • No limes
  • The refried beans weren’t very flavorful
  • The al pastor meat was crispy/blackened, yet still pretty good
  • It was expensive

But the real benefit is that it did two things: 1) satisfied our craving for sabor, and 2) convinced us that we need to make our way back to Mexico soon.


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