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Tacos el pastor in Mexico City

¡Feliz año nuevo! Tomorrow, we fly to Santiago.

To bid adios to the first country in our leap year, we said farewell with tacos al pastor. Also, our Airbnb host Rodrigo stopped by with a gift of tequila and mezcal.

We’ll spend one week in Santiago before hopping on a bus to Viña del Mar, just north of Valparaíso. Our plan is to stay for a month, and from there we’re considering renting a car and visiting places up and down Chile. It’s summer there now, so the weather will be in the mid to high 80s.

Silver Linings Playbook and Step Brothers are queued up on our laptops, and we’ve got books downloaded onto our phones. And Holly’s got her calming treats. This is going to be a long flight for her, so we’ll see how it goes… Our flight stops over in Panama for an hour and a half, and we’ll arrive in Santiago at 5:45am local time.

See you then!

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