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CGT Argentina

OK, so today we did two of our favorite things. First, we started the day with a walking tour with Cultour — a walking tour group with a heavy emphasis on history and culture. Very highly recommended.

One of our stops was the CGT building, where Chris and I posed at the front of the auditorium where union leaders (as well as Eva Perón, back in her day) still address groups of workers. We met a guy from Costa Rica who told us of his adventures partying with UCSB kids in Santa Barbara, as well as other great travelers.

We finished off the day at a puerta cerrada, or closed-door restaurant. Puertas cerradas are essentially supper clubs by reservation only held in people’s homes. Thanks to a great recommendation we received from my friend Ami, the three of us went to NOLA Buenos Aires for some delicious New Orleans cuisine with a Mexican twist.

Everything was absolutely delicious: salmon ceviche, gumbo, pork with grits, and pecan pie all paired with wines. We met other travelers and students, who all seemed to be from California and New York/New Jersey. A very memorable experience, and also very highly recommended.

And now, I have to go to sleep. Because I’m very, very full.


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