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Don Julio

Did you know I didn’t eat red meat before we came to South America? But it’s all about beef here. Our guidebook says the average Argentinian eats 60 kilograms (~132 pounds) of beef per year.

Chris really wanted to get one more steak at a classic parrilla before we left, so last night we went to Don Julio. Several people recommended it to us and it appears on several “best parrilla” lists. We tried going with Chris’s mom, but the wait was too long at the time. (We went to El Trapiche instead, which was also good.)

In fairness to Argentina’s food, which we’ve been bashing for days, steak is something they do really well and we really enjoyed the whole dinner experience, service included. Our good-bye to Buenos Aires included:

Warm rolls and butter
Provoleta, a thick slice of grilled provolone cheese
Bife de chorizo mariposa, sirloin steak for two, butterfly-cut
Papas fritas españolas, thick-cut potato chip rounds
Chimichurri, a parsley-based sauce, and salsa criolla, a chopped tomato and red pepper sauce
A bottle of Malbec to wash it all down


Don Julio Steak


All in all, a great meal and a great way to end our time here in Buenos Aires. Today, we’re eating all vegetables.


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