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Awesome Supervisory Skills Book Cover 01-27-14 compressed

Our leap year is more than just beautiful scenery and delicious empanadas. As I’ve mentioned to you, Chris and I are both experimenting with a number of projects. For example, in December I launched a class on Skillshare.

Well, here’s the latest: my new ebook! It’s called Awesome Supervisory Skills: Seven Lessons for Young, First-Time Managers. Here’s a quick preview video:



One of the things you naturally ask yourself when you have the time to reflect on your life is: what do I have to contribute to this world? I took a couple of classes on Skillshare about how to publish ebooks and how to market ebooks, and away I went!

I chose this topic because I genuinely believe three things:

  • Being a manager is hard, and most people become managers not realizing how different it is from their previous role.
  • No matter what your job is, one of the biggest things that impacts whether you enjoy it is whether you have an awesome or awful manager.
  • My mentors taught me some pretty remarkable things, and it would be a crime not to share that with others.

I’m new to the whole self-publishing thing, so I’ll report back on what I learn.

In the meantime, the book is available for free download on February 6 and 7, and is just $2.99 regularly. Please help spread the word about the importance of awesome managers by leaving a review and sharing it with any new managers you know. Thanks!


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