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spokesperson training

During our leap year, one of the things I’ve been exploring is online training platforms, like Skillshare, which I’ve mentioned in prior blog posts. Well, I thought I’d try my hand at teaching. So here goes!

In one of my first jobs as a communications person, I found it was nearly impossible to find an affordable, professional media training for the spokespeople in our organization. It was super frustrating. And when I did find one, it was only offered once a year.

That’s the inspiration for my class: Give An Awesome Media Interview.

It’s a self-paced class with video lessons and a project — conducting a mock media interview! I’m offering 20% off with the code “FRIENDS” for people who sign up before the class unlocks on December 17.

It should be an interesting experiment and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot. Any feedback is appreciated! I’m going to keep thinking of other class topics and other online training platforms…

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