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Condesa neighborhood Mexico City

Arrived in Mexico City last night and were greeted by our very friendly Airbnb host — who is also a Burner — before going out in search of dinner. Spent most of this morning trying to figure out how we can find a room for rent. We’ve put some feelers out, so we’ll see how that goes.

The photo above is of the coffee shop where we had breakfast. It’s about a 15-minute walk from where we’re staying. The neighborhood where we are is filled with old, colonial-style houses that are plain on the outside but open up with big courtyards in the middle.


Tacubaya neighborhood Mexico City


I tried to take a photo of the courtyard where we’re staying, but the production crew working on the video are everywhere and they’re in the middle of the shoot. It is entertaining to hear the director yelling “acción” and “corte” every so often.


Ecobici mexico city


Mexico City has what seems to be a well-used bike share program called EcoBici; we saw a number of people picking up and dropping off bikes this morning. The subscription for a year is 400 pesos — approximately $30.


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