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Thanksgiving in Mexico

Together with other gringos, we flocked to a restaurant to celebrate Thanksgiving. (I mean, look at us: there’s a painting of the Statue of Liberty in the background.) We went to Big Joe’s and he did not disappoint with his menu. What are we thankful for, you ask?

– Our health
– The ability to take a Leap Year
– The people in our lives (a.k.a. YOU!)

We fly to Mexico City on Saturday afternoon. Yesterday we took Holly to get another health certificate at the vet. She didn’t need a formal government form this time since we’re only traveling within the country and she won’t go through customs. She just needed something on a vet’s letterhead saying she is healthy and has had all her shots to give the airline.

We would have used the one we got in the U.S., but the certificate is only valid 30 days. Still, it’s good we kept a copy separate from the original we gave to the customs official because the vet found it useful to review. Always have copies!

We’ll stay in an Airbnb for a few days until we find a longer-term place. We found out from the guy that they’ll be using the old colonial house for a video shoot during part of our stay. Should be interesting! He said there’ll be buffets there for the crew that we’re welcome to. #score


  1. Big Joe is married to one of my cousins… ( La Paz is so small)I just want to wish you a nice trip and keep in touch with me to guide you trough Oaxaca, dont miss Tepoztlan.

    • Yes, what a small world! Thank you, Maleni — we will let you know where we end up. Take care!

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