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El Ateneo 2

Today was our last day of school since the next couple of days are holidays. It was sad to say goodbye, even though we’ve only known our classmates and teachers for a short time. While you meet lots of people while traveling, you end up saying a lot of goodbyes.

During a break between classes, Chris and I went over to El Ateneo, a famous bookstore in Buenos Aires on Santa Fe and Riobambo, which is just a couple blocks from our school. It used to be a theater but was then converted to a bookstore. There’s a cafe/bar inside, and it was a nice hideaway from the crowded sidewalks.


El Ateneo 1


El Ateneo 3


El Ateneo 4


They also serve very strong coffee, which helped me get through my last two hours of class. If you’re ever in South America and looking for a language school, we’ve both had great experiences with our language school: Ecela Spanish. The teachers were all great and it’s a nice way to meet other folks from around the world.

Anyway, we’re off to the grocery store. Gotta stock up before everything is closed tomorrow…


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