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Backpacks for full-time travel

Here’s the official packing list. This part was easy; the hardest part was what to do with the stuff we’re leaving behind.


4 t-shirts, 3 long-sleeve shirts, 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 1 hoodie
7 pairs of underwear, 7 pairs of socks, 1 bathing suit
1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of walking shoes
1 waterproof rain jacket, 1 hat, 1 belt
1 day pack, 1 water bottle, 1 pair of sunglasses
Laptop and charger, iPhone and charger
Toothbrush, razor, deodorant, comb
Passport, vaccination records (plus photocopies of originals)
1 Spanish phrasebook, 1 small notebook


4 t-shirts, 1 tank top, 3 long-sleeve shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shorts
1 cardigan, 1 light cotton jacket, 1 light scarf
1 pair of running capris, 1 quick-dry t-shirt, 1 music-player armband, 1 bathing suit
1 bra, 2 sports bras, 8 pairs of underwear, 6 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of ped socks
1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of canvas slip-on shoes, 1 pair of flip flops
1 waterproof rain jacket, 1 hat 1 day pack, 1 small purse, 1 water bottle
1 pair of sunglasses, 1 pair of spare eyeglasses, 1 pair of earrings
Laptop and charger, iPhone and charger
Powder, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, mascara, tinted lip balm
Travel hairdryer, 2 headbands, 1 pack of hair ties, 1 hairbrush
Toothbrush, razor, deodorant 1 compass, 1 journal/notebook
Passport, vaccination records (plus photocopies of originals)


Travel-size toiletries for our first couple nights: 1 shampoo/conditioner, 1 soap, 1 lotion, 1 toothpaste
1 tweezers, 1 nail clippers
Time-release DEET lotion, bug spray, bug repellent wipes, sunscreen
Small sewing kit, string/twine
1 digital camera and charger
1 first-aid kit, including bandaids, moleskin, disinfecting wipes, hydrocortizone, Dramamine, ibuprofen, Pepto Bismol, Immodium, Cipro, altitude sickness pills
1 Skip-Bo, 1 Five Crowns, 1 Bananagrams, 1 deck of cards
1 water filter


1 soft-sided travel carrier, 1 spare carrier-bedding liner
1 ID tag, 1 collar, 1 harness, 1 leash
1-week supply of dry dog food, 1 pack of treats, 1 collapsible water bowl
2 chew toys, 2 rolls of waste pick-up bags, 1 portable hair trimmer, 1 mini bottle of shampoo
12 months supply of flea and heart worm prevention pills, 1 dose of deworming pills
Health certificate, vaccination records (plus photocopies of originals)


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