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Pan Dulce in Mexico City

One of the best things about Mexico City is the food. And as I mentioned in previous posts, you can get great food for cheap while traveling full time.

In fact, some of the best food we’ve had has come from small, no-name places around the neighborhood rather than big restaurants.

Take this bakery across from Mercado Medellin called La Espiga. Not only do they make fresh and delicious breads and pan dulce (pictured above), but they also have these amazing rotisserie chickens that you can buy for super cheap.


Buying chicken in Mexico City


We didn’t find it in a guidebook; we found it just walking around. Walk a few doors down and you can get a quarter kilo of tortillas for 3 pesos. Walk across the street and you can get quesadillas or tortas or tlacoyos.

Chris recently read an article about the best food cities in the world, and here’s what one writer said about food in Mexico City:

Mexico City and Tokyo are still my favorite dining destinations. Both cities are endless urban sprawls of street food interspersed with great restaurants. The bar is set very high in these cities, as food is fundamental to both Japanese and Mexican cultures. There is an emphasis on simplicity and depth of flavor rather than novelty or style. Competition is fierce, so restaurants and vendors that don’t serve great food are quickly replaced. Both of these cultures truly respect food as a lifelong craft. The taquero shaving pork off the rotating spit in Mexico City has probably been doing it for decades, as has the ramen chef in the streets of Tokyo.

Anyway, we should probably work on an article about how not to get fat while traveling. If you have any advice for us, let us know. :)

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