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Tulum Iguana 3

We visited the Tulum ruins today, but I took more photos of iguanas. They were everywhere!

Our place is only a 10-minute bike ride from the ruins. We thought we were heeding the advice to “get there early” by arriving just after 10am. But really, you should get there right when they open at 8am. The place was already swarming. How I managed to get photos without people in them is beyond me.

While it’s really touristy — meaning it’s a total circus of vendors and food stands and guides outside — it’s worth the ~US$6/person to get in and see at least once. The site isn’t very big and you can wander around freely and see everything in 45 minutes. Interesting history and a great ocean view.


Tulum Ruins 3


Tulum Iguana 1


Tulum Iguana 2


Tulum Ruins 1


Tulum Iguana 4


Tulum Ruins 2


Lastly, here’s a photo of my hero, Chris, who is braving the biting ants that got me earlier and unlocking my bike for me. Thanks, Chrisser!!


Chris Bikes




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  1. Beautiful photos! It looks like a pretty neat area!

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