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Olimpia dog 640x640

This dog hangs out in front of Cafe Olimpia, the cocina económica where we go to lunch with my dad often. The waitress, Veronica, said the dog is getting fat because she gets a lot of their chicken scraps. Then she goes and sleeps on the road before heading to her next spot to scavenge.

I have spent the past 48 hours fixing this blog. What a project. At first, I thought the problems were due to the fact that I hadn’t properly optimized all of the images for web. So I did that — for all of the images. All 100+ of them. Turns out the real issue was with our hosting, so we’ve changed that. Also updated the look and feel of the site to better showcase our (often grainy) photos. Trying to use the digital camera instead of the iPhone whenever possible.

Lastly, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Even though we’re away from home and without an oven, we’ve found a way to get our fix. We won’t be trading shirts like these ex-pats in Spain, but we will be eating at Big Joe’s Restaurant, opened a few weeks ago by a guy who brought his love of BBQ to La Paz. From his email announcement:

Big Joe’s Thanksgiving meal (you’re never alone, come join us)

Slow smoked turkey, bacon garlic mashed potatoes or mac & cheese, corn bread dressing with giblet gravy, seasoned green beans, fresh homemade dinner rolls + cranberry sauce and dessert choice: chocolate cheesecake, coffee bread pudding with whiskey sauce or sweet potato pie.
Time 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.
$140.00 pesos (dessert is included with meal).

And a happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!!!!

Our address is Madero 3625 between Jalisco and Colima (behind Chedraui Store on Colima). tel. 12-8-75-70


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