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Family Tulum Beach

Work, World Cup, beach — repeat. That’s our routine here in Tulum. Theoretically we should just get up and go first thing in the morning since that’s when it’s coolest, but we’re at our most focused in the mornings and we like to sit back with our coffee.

Not much to report, except that we’re about a month away from our home stretch. So we’re doing quite a bit of planning. More to be announced. In the meantime, here are more photos.


Tulum Palm Tree

Don’t let a coco fall and hit you in the face


Tulum Boat

These guys take people out snorkeling every day — one day we’ll go with them


Beach Garden

My new beach pastime is to create little gardens made out of the stuff I find within an arm’s reach of my towel


Tulum Palm Tree Roots

On the other side of this tree was a group of dudes  playing techno music


Beach Road Tulum

The road that runs parallel to the beach


Tulum Turtle Nests

Turtle eggs live here


Bike Path Tulum

Riding home on the bike path — then, when we get to the freeway, we have to dart across 




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