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Drum roll, please. WE RENTED OUR PLACE. But celebrated several days too early. Long story short, we had someone in the bag last Monday. Things were moving slowly, but our property manager told us they were signing the lease on Friday. So we popped the cork and celebrated…

…Only to find out it fell through on Saturday morning. So after stressing and being mopey all Saturday because of our lack of control over the situation (part of why we need this leap year), we held an open house on Sunday. Today, 36 hours later, we have a signed lease!

In other news, we also have a casita in La Paz! Since that’s where Papa Murray is based, he was able to find us a little one bedroom only one block from the Malecón. In future cities, we’ll book a room for a few days while we hoof it to find a rental. Here’s a sneak preview of the view from the front.


La Paz (640x480)

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