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Happy Holly

Holly’s feeling much better! Except she’s still on bland food — chicken and rice — and is not happy about it. She’s constantly hounding us because she lives for food and treats, even though she left a little rice right on her nose! Oh, Holls.

Chris and I are enjoying our Spanish classes. He’s doing four hours a day, and I’m doing two. Did you know that in Argentina they don’t use  as the second person, informal? Instead, they use vos, and also conjugate the verb differently. (Por ejemplo: tú puedes = vos podés)

School and other projects aside, the big thing occupying our brain space is: where the heck are we going next? So we went to the best possible place to think about it.




Sometimes, you just need a little taste of home — and one that isn’t McDonald’s. Anyway, the caffeine plus the slightly different vibe from other cafes in Buenos Aires (which are much more social) was perfect for bringing a laptop and doing some research.

While we’re enjoying it here in BA, we’re looking forward to going someplace smaller. And warmer. And beachy. But still big enough to have major services. And developed enough to not get trapped in by washed out roads during rainy season.

This is where I’ll back up and say that getting to this point was actually a big challenge. There is such a thing as travel fatigue, and the thought of having to uproot into the unknown again felt a little tiring. I wasn’t even able to answer when Chris asked me: if you could go anywhere, where would you go? I wouldn’t go home, but I didn’t even want to have to think about where to go next.

But we pushed through it. We’ve been sorting through recommendations from friends, travel forums (Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree Forum is awesome), and countless blog posts. We’d get excited about places, only to find fatal flaws. Too expensive. Too remote. Too many gringos.

As of tonight, we have an option that we’re both really, truly excited about and looking forward to. I’m not going to tell you where, because we’re still looking into it and I don’t want to jinx anything. All I can say is that Holly isn’t the only one bouncing back around here! More soon.


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