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Chris first day of school

Today is Chris’s first day of school. He’s taking Spanish classes — 1/3 grammar, 2/3 conversation — for 20 hours a week over the next three weeks. When we met a guy from Sacramento last week, he said he took similar classes and found them to be really helpful. There are two other people in the class with Chris: one from Canada and one from Zimbabwe.

I’m a little jealous that Chris is getting to go out and make friends. So what did I do while Chris was in class?


Downtown Vina del Mar


Playa Acapulco Vina del Mar


Go to the beach, of course! Here’s a kid about to brave the cold water at Playa Acapulco. In the background, you can see some ships going to and from the port in Valparaíso. The beach trip was a good opportunity for me to work on fixing my terrible shoe tan.


Shoe tan


But honestly, there’s nothing I can do about this. It’s probably permanent.

If you’re up for seeing some way better photos of Chilean beaches, as well as other amazing sights in Chile and Peru, you should check out the latest blog post from the folks at Our Open Road. This is a husband/wife/toddler trio driving through Latin America in a VW camper van and their photos are absolutely fantastic. So fantastic and beautiful they’ll make you tear up a little.

They also tell an amazing story about what happens when their clutch goes out and they’re faced with a highway toll both. It’s a bit Little Miss Sunshine-esque. I hope to be as awesome and brave as them someday.

Speaking of bravery: just because we’re not in the States, doesn’t mean we don’t know what day it is. Here’s to Dr. King and his legacy of bravery and love.


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