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IMG_0861 (640x480)

Today, Chris and I went with my dad to El Triunfo. It’s about an hour south and an old mining town, hence the big smoke stack. My dad was kind enough to buy us lunch porque no tenemos dinero!

We opened a Schwab checking account because there are no ATM fees, which is an important feature when you are traveling abroad and need to use the ATM frequently. Unfortunately, the downside of Schwab is when you transfer money into the account they hold it for three whole business days. THREE! And since we transferred money last Friday and Monday was Columbus day, we’re still waiting. It’s not that bad — we have our Chase ATM cards as back-up in case our Schwab ones got lost or stolen. I’m mostly frustrated based on principle. How inconvenient.

Now on to the good stuff:


IMG_0847 (480x640)



IMG_0853 (640x480)



IMG_0854 (480x640)



IMG_0868 (640x480)



IMG_0869 (480x640)



IMG_0870 (480x640)



IMG_0862 (640x480)



IMG_0877 (475x640)



IMG_0883 (640x480)


You made it to the end! Here’s a bonus for you: How I Flew Around the World in Business Class for $1,340.



  1. 1) enjoying your blog so far! Obviously catching up now…
    2)I’m proud of chuck for not having any ATM fees….but really? NO ATM fees at all???? Evar?!?
    3) it’s a little wild and a little strange…when u make your home out on a ranch….

    • 1) Yay! Glad you’re enjoying it.
      2) Yeah, no ATM fees! Schwab doesn’t charge you, and they refund the ones the other bank charges you at the end of the month.
      3) THANK YOU for getting that reference. I’ve been waiting for someone to!!!

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