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Banana Tree

Holly is feeling much better. She’s walking like a champ (well, she’s walking like a 15-year-old dog) and her little cough is almost gone. She thanks you for the well wishes.

We’re enjoying the relaxed life here in Sámara. It’s nice being surrounded by so much lush vegetation! The tree above is right near our bungalow. The sun comes up around 5am and we’re usually up right along with it — maybe closer to 6. We took a walk all the way to the end of the beach and back this morning, taking a dip in the ocean to cool off at the end.

…And then recommitted to being vigilant about using DEET, because we both have a ton of mosquito bites on our legs.


Downtown Samara


This is the main drag, which ends at the ocean. If you take a left just before the beach, there’s another road with some hotels and shops. We were wandering around yesterday and saw a sign for a farmer’s market from 3-5pm, so we came by around 4 ready for some fruit.

Actually, there were no farmers — just gringos like us who were selling their favorite goodies. We bought a loaf of seeded bread made by a French woman, everything bagels made by a girl from New Jersey, and strawberry-lime popsicles from a couple girls from Georgia. Guess we found all the expats!

Tomorrow, we’re going on a bike ride with Jose to go fishing. We’re excited!

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