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Papa (640x552)

Today, we huddled around a laptop to experience #Batkid. We’re so proud of you, San Francisco!

We also went to Tecolote Beach. I took this photo of my dad, which I immediately knew would be a winner. I gave it just a bit of photo editing, while he watched carefully over my shoulder to make sure I did not over-edit. What a handsome dude!

We also got some expert bean-making advice from the lovely ladies over at Cafe Olimpia.

More from Tecolote:


Tecolote Beach (640x479)


Blowfish (640x480)


Chris Tecolote (478x640)


Tecolote Crab (640x533)


Tamara Tecolote (640x470)


Tecolote Montanas (479x640)


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