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Al pastor tacos Mexico City

Tacos al pastor are our favorite. They’re cheap and they’re everywhere. We just got back from stuffing our face with some.


Teachers union strike Mexico City


This encampment is in downtown Mexico City — and it’s filled with teachers protesting attempts to overhaul the education system. We drove by last night during an impromptu tour from Chris’s mom’s friend’s cousin and her husband. (But not a former roommate.)

We’re finishing up our arrangements for our next stop beginning in January: Chile. We’ll stay a few days in Santiago before spending a month (or maybe more) in Valparaiso.

I had a question about regulations for bringing our dog to Chile because our flight will arrive at 5 a.m. and, while customs is usually open 24/7 at airports, the agriculture departments (think USDA equivalents) in other countries don’t always have the same hours. But to make sure that wasn’t a problem, all I could find was a general government email address. I thought, Oh great — I love sending emails into black holes. 

And then they emailed me back with everything I needed…THE EXACT SAME DAY. They even sent me an attachment with all of the most up-to-date requirements. #ChileFTW

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