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Just down the street from our apartamento is Tortilleria Sudamerica where we got 20 flour tortillas for 30 pesos, or $2.30. We could eat them all plain, but instead we’re making refried beans so we can make burritos. Because that’s honestly what Tamara could eat for every single meal and never complain.

Today we started thinking about what we want our leap year “routine” to be. While we probably won’t be as strict about it as this guy, we definitely need some structure. Part of that in La Paz has been determined by the weather.

In the morning, it’s warm but pleasant, but the afternoon is just unbearably hot. It’s not until the sun goes down that it gets reasonable again. So the afternoon is good for things like reading, such as this Scientific American article about why humans evolved to live so much longer than other primates. Spoiler: It has to do with meat-eating, and it’s a double-edged sword.

After our lunch today, we sat out on the beach underneath the umbrellas and enjoyed the crashing of the waves along the Ensenada (Cove) de La Paz. Further out is the Gulf of California / Sea of Cortez.


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Tamara’s Spanish is improving, and Chris is looking for a good way to learn that won’t break the bank. There are good language schools, but they’re either pricey or a bit too far away to walk. (See note above about the heat.)


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