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El Fin

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Thanks to all of you who followed Our Leap Year and cheered us on throughout the year. Even though we knew we weren’t crazy, it still felt good to hear it from someone else. :)

We’ve been back in the U.S. for a few months now, getting accustomed to life as digital nomads. When we first posted about that plan back in July, we joked that perhaps we’d buy a van and travel around in it.

Well, we did it.

Beginning in January 2015, we’re going to travel around North America, while working, in our minivan-turned-camper named Red Delicious. We’ll chronicle the experience on a new blog, Nomads With a Van. Check out the video tour of the van below:



We hope you’ll continue to share your enthusiasm with us, but more importantly we hope this blog has inspired you to take whatever leap you’re thinking about in your life. Before we went on our leap year, we were stressed and terrified but also hopeful, and we haven’t looked back. Be bold, friends — you only live once.

Lots of love and thanks,

Tamara, Chris & Holly

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