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Bus Ride to Buenos Aires

Holly is a real trooper. She toughed it out with us on the 20-hour bus ride from San Martín de los Andes to Buenos Aires. Above is a photo of the scenery along the way, and below is the sunrise from somewhere in the middle of Argentina.

We had a stop in Neuquén about 6.5 hours into the trip so she was able to take a potty break, but the rest of the stops were so short they didn’t let anyone off the bus.


Sunrise in Argentina


Even though she’s held it this long in the past, like when we were delayed getting home from work, we felt guilty every second. We gave her some water every few hours along with some kibbles in her toys so she didn’t get too bored. For the last few hours, I held her in my lap in her little bag. We’ll never do a trip that long with her without stopping somewhere along the way for the night! Thankfully, we made it and it’s over.

So far, we love Buenos Aires. After getting settled in, we wandered around our neighborhood and grabbed some coffee. There were lots of people out in Plaza Armenia.


Plaza Armenia Buenos Aires


In fact, there were lots of people out everywhere! Walking on the streets, relaxing in the park, grabbing a drink at sidewalk tables. It’s a city buzzing with activity and we’re really excited to be here.

More soon…


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