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Gray vnecks

Todays #TravelTipTuesday is about choice — and how it’s not always a good thing. This is not a new concept. President Barack Obama only wears two types of suits in order to pare down menial decisions so he can focus on important ones. It prevents decision fatigue. I’d argue it also increases satisfaction.

My friend Jen and I were having a very philosophical email exchange about choice after we both watched Barry Schwartz’s TED talk about the paradox of choice. The Cliff’s Notes: the dogma in Western society is that more choice is better, but the evidence says otherwise. Why? Because when faced with so many options, we agonize over decisions and are more likely to regret our choices. It’s interesting stuff.

You’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with travel?

Chris and I each brought roughly 8-9 days worth of clothes on our trip. At first, I thought I would miss my wardrobe. But I’m actually happier with what I’ve got. Sure, every once in a while I wish I had a blazer or something. But most of the time I choose what to wear based on what’s clean and I know I’ll like it because I only brought things that I really like.

And it sure beats the good 10-15 minutes I would sometimes spend in the morning staring at my closet. Now I take two seconds to consider which gray v-neck to wear.

So when you’re packing for a trip, be excited because you get to experience the freedom of fewer clothes.



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  1. And as parents everywhere know, snack goes a lot more smoothly when the choice is apple juice or orange juice vs “what do you want to drink”!

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