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People making out in Chapultepec Park Mexico City

Time for a blog about cultural norms. People love making out in public here. Not a sweet, prolonged kiss. I’m talking hardcore, hands-barely-over-the-clothes making out.

My lovely friend Nicole gave us a heads up that we’d see a lot of this through our Latin American travels, since she did as well. And since she is Bolivian, I take her explanation seriously: everybody lives with their families, so the only place to make out is at the park. Or sitting next to me at a taqueria.


People making out in Chapultepec Park Mexico City


I can understand the teenagers, but there are 30- and 40-somethings too. Ah, to grow up without Puritan influence. I snapped these photos while Chris and I were riding bikes through the park. Pretty sneaky, huh? Or maybe just pervy.


Bike riding Mexico City Chapultepec Park


At this time next week, we’ll be en route to Chile — unless we bump up against any issues with Holly’s paperwork. The vet and I were commiserating about how terrible the website is for Mexico’s agricultural/wildlife agency. Thankfully, he was very helpful. Fingers crossed.


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