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MACAY Merida

This is the MACAY Museum in downtown Mérida. We were there because the cooking class we booked had a snafu — we booked it using a third-party agency that finds local tours and they had a miscommunication. So, in the end, we have no idea how to make panuchos for you and ended up doing a little more wandering instead.


Fake house of mirrors

It’s an optical illusion you can walk through!


Ceiling Casa de Montejo

The ceiling in Casa de Montejo


Walls Casa de Montejo

It looks like wallpaper, but this wall detail is paint


Former glory

An old glory in need of some TLC


Sunset Merida

These beautiful clouds eventually churned out a lot of lightning



Tamal de mole and tamal de pollo — forget over-hyped restaurants; this is the good stuff


Carved Tree Merida

Tree art



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