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La Ventana windsurfer Mexico

Windy days are perfect for windsurfers! This guy got some serious air.

In the town of La Ventana, about an hour or so east of La Paz, hoards of travelers — mostly from Canada — set up camp on the beach to take advantage of the winter winds.


La Ventana Beach Mexico


La Ventana Windsurfers Mexico


There was also this ghost-town of a resort called Gran Sueño out in the middle of nowhere with only 10 people there. It was beautiful, although they let the golf course die. What they did have was a restaurant with pool tables, shuffleboard and a huge model train collection set up on the mezzanine.


Trains (553x640)


Finally, a PSA: Get your flu shot — all the cool kids are doing it. My dad and I got ours today; Chris already got his months ago.


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