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Chiles from a Mexico City mercado

These chiles have lots of Christmas spirit. It’s very quiet in the city right now, except if you stray too close to Sears or Woolworth. Kind of like when you’re in San Francisco over Christmas.

The supermarket nearby cleared all the shelves in their bakery to sell packs of baguettes — three to a bag. There are three more walls of these!


Christmas time bread in Mexico City


One of the things we love about Mexico City are the vendors who ride up and down the streets, usually selling pan dulce. Sometimes they’ll have a bell or call out “tamales!” Sometimes they’ll play a recording, like this one. Can you tell what she’s saying? (Make sure your volume is turned up so you can hear until the end — the truck was driving faster than I could walk!)



I love her sing-songy cadence. We always hear but we could never quite understand what she’s saying, until our neighbor told us: they buy used stoves, microwaves, mattresses, washing machines, etc. “Te compra…colchones…”


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