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Holly gutter

This photo isn’t exactly tasteful, but it’s the only one I took today. And why wouldn’t I snap this photo? What dog chooses the most confined space possible to pee? Holly, the girl just three days away from her quinceañera. What a crazy old dog. We love her.

This is also the only photo we took because we’re suffering from a little bit of travel fatigue, I think. Maybe we’re ready for the next leg of our journey, maybe it’s tough being away from home during the holidays, maybe we’re ready to be feeling healthier. To top it off, we had some horrible, horrible sushi tonight at the restaurant at the bottom of our building. It’s always so busy, we thought it would be good. Instead, one word: mayonnaise.

We still have a week and a half here in Mexico City, and I’m glad we stayed here this long despite our complaints about the pollution. The Professional Hobo wrote a blog post about why she loves slow travel and I wholeheartedly agree with it.

There’s a moment you reach where you no longer feel someplace foreign — you’re just where you are. Chris and I were laughing the other day while walking down the street, because sometimes we forget we’re in Mexico. It’s a weird but cool feeling.

So with that, here are the remaining things on our Mexico City do list:

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