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Chapultepec tree web

This tree is a metaphor for my current state of health: somewhat gnarly. My cold won’t go away and now I’ve got some stomach problems. Neither are bad enough to put me totally out of commission — just to take away any holiday cheer.

Yesterday, we did take two of visiting Coyoacán after our first try was nice but unsuccessful. We visited the Frida Kahlo Museum — la casa azul — and enjoyed it a lot. You have to pay if you want to take photos inside, so I said forget it. But we did get these two outside:


Frida Kahlo Museum Mexico City


There’s a beautiful park in Coyoacán called Viveros de Coyoacán, which we were happy to take a stroll through. It’s great to be in the trees.


Viveros de Coyoacan Mexico City

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