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Samara sunset 2

Tonight we’re treating ourselves to some A/C. It has been HOT here, to the point where we’ve been sleeping very poorly, so we decided to live it up for a night. Other updates:

  • Yes, Sámara looks like this at sunset. I almost don’t want to post the other photos I have because it’s just mean. But here’s one more.


Samara sunset 1


  • One of our travel heroes, Nora Dunn aka The Professional Hobo, featured some of our travel advice in her recent article Frugal, Amazing, and Easy-to-Navigate: The 10 Best International Cities to Visit. Check it out for some travel tips!
  • And lastly, Spanish classes are going really well. We both feel like we’re learning a lot, and we like that we all sign a promise to only speak Spanish while on campus. Off to bed…class starts at 8am.

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