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Hot Dogs on Paseo de Montejo

It’s a relatively cool night tonight, so the windows are open and the A/C is off! We set out for some cheap eats and found this bacon-dog cart along Paseo de Montejo.

We also took a free talking tour of the city center which was interesting, and we learned more about Mérida. Another quick tidbit for you: Mérida was called La Ciudad Blanca, or The White City, way back when because the people dressed in white and the buildings were painted white in order to repel the heat. Here are some sights:


Casa de Montejo

Casa de Montejo, built for the Spanish conquistadores…named Montejo


Arch over Paseo de Revolucion

Archway opening up to the Pasaje de la Revolucion


Paseo de Revolucion

Inside the Pasaje de la Revolucion


Cathedral door knocker

Door knocker outside the main cathedral


Inside Merida Cathedral

Inside the main cathedral


Mayan Mural

Mayan mural in the palacio de gobierno; all placards were in Spanish and Mayan


Mural Palacio de Gobierno

Another mural inside the palacio

And now, for your moment of zen, Holly asleep on Chris’s foot.


Sleepy Holly


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