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Holly in San Martin de los Andes

A couple people recently asked, “How’s Holly holding up?” So we caught up with Latin America’s favorite Cairn Terrier in an exclusive interview.

How’s your health, Holls?
“Every time I cross an international border I have to go to the vet first. I pretend to hate it so I get lots of treats. I’m a sturdy girl and the vet says I’m healthy. The last one even said I have great teeth for my age! My monthly doses of Trifexis keep the fleas away. But I’ve also lost a pound since we left, probably because I changed food brands, so I get extra big dinners now. Muahaha.”

How ya lookin’?
“Pretty darn fine, if I say so myself. None of the groomers know how to cut my hair right because they all think I’m a Scottie. There was one guy in Mexico City who actually asked what I am and then looked it up in his book. He’s my favorite. Can I see him again?”

Have people been pretty nice to you?
“Yes, especially since they don’t know what kind of dog I am and are curious. I got lots of head scratches and pets when we were waiting to cross the border into Argentina. Everyone had to get off the bus and wait around, so I went around and said hi.”

What’re you up to these days?
“Most days, I take naps, go on walks and play with my toys. Sometimes I go places with you and Chris, but I don’t like to walk too far. Sometimes you pick me up and dance with me, which I pretend to hate but secretly love. I also have a bone that I chew on that smells super nasty — it’s my favorite.”

What do you miss most about your old life?
“Peanut butter. I had some in Mexico and Chile, but there’s no peanut butter here in Argentina! Oh, and carpet. Tile and wood floors are slippery when you have paws.”

Have you learned any new tricks?
“What are tricks?”

OK, what about friends? Have you made any friends?
“I liked Lucas, the other 15-year-old dog I met in Valdivia. He really understood me. Sometimes the street dogs come up and sniff my butt, but I just ignore them and they leave. They’re much more civilized than other people’s pet dogs, who bark at me from behind their fences. They’re just jealous that I get to go on so many walks. And because I’m pretty.”

What are you most looking forward to?
“Chris’s mom is going to bring me new toys when she comes to visit! She better not try to give me a bath. I am NOT looking forward to our bus ride to Buenos Aires. I have to stay in my little house the whole time. But it’s worth it for the new toys.”

How does it feel to know you’ve traveled farther than some humans?
“I’m sorry, what? I wasn’t paying attention. Do you have any treats?”

If you have any other questions for Holly, let us know and we’ll ask her.



  1. Love this!

    Holly: What was your favorite place you’ve visited so far?

    • My favorite place was the pet store in Mexico City called +kota (get it? + means “mas” and “mascota” means “pet”) — it was right next to Parque Mexico where I got to go off leash. The pet store had my faaaaaavorite bones. – Holly

      • Oh, and I guess I liked going on a road trip to a volcano. But that was a distant second. – Holly

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