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Tulum Playa

Yesterday, we paid a visit to our old friend, los Estados Unidos. We had a connection in Miami, but we’re telling ourselves that Miami is practically still Latin America, so technically we didn’t cheat. Now, we’re in lovely Tulum.

It was a rough travel day because we had to pass through U.S. immigration and customs in Miami even though our final destination was Mexico. That took forever and made us nervous because we didn’t have a health certificate for Holly to get into the U.S. — only Mexico. But fortunately nobody gave us a hard time, although the guy who checked our passports looked at us very suspiciously when we told him we’d been traveling since October.

Then my bag got sent to Washington, DC instead of Cancún, which was a downer but no real loss because all the clothes inside were dirty anyway. Although I did tell our shuttle driver, “No puedo cepillar los dientes, así que mi esposo va a sufrir.” He laughed and told me to use a coco leaf and I’d be fine. We were taking a shuttle because, for the first time, we got kicked off a bus for having Holly with us.

We’re staying in a little casita in Tulum pueblo, about 3km from the beach. It’s a neighborhood with Mexican families and Italian expats. (We haven’t asked them how they feel about Italy’s World Cup performance today against Costa Rica.) We’ve rented bikes for the month from a great place called iBike Tulum (right across from the Chedraui) so it’s easy to get around. Their service and prices were great! We’re looking forward to riding around to the beach, the cenotes, and the ruins.

It’s awesome being back in Mexico. While we were walking Holly, the pan dulce guy rode by. That actually makes me way happier than the views we saw today.


Tulum Playa 2

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