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Posted by in Mexico City | 4 comments

Av Amsterdam in Condesa, Mexico City

Today was an activity-free day, with a couple nice walks and lots of reading. With that, here are some recommended reads:

Lastly, this photo made me smile today:



  1. Tamara and Chris, I lreally ove reading this blog; its almost as fun as a special report I am working on that shall remain nameless. I can’t wait til we all go to Chile next month and I continue to live vicariously through Your Leap Year!

    • Thanks, Risa! Let us know if there’s anything in particular you’ve wanted to do in Chile so we make sure you can live vicariously through us. Good luck with the report!

    • Can’t wait to read the report that shall not be named! Have you thought about throwing in at least one exploding pie chart just to get under Drew’s skin?

  2. Thank you for your generosity–I have done a bit of reading about fun things to do in Chile, and it sounds like there is so much. So I will enjoy whatever you choose to report on!

    As for that report, stay tuned…

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