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Parque Piedras y Pajaros La Paz

Just around the corner from our apartment is a very peaceful little park called Parque Piedras y Pájaros, or Stones and Birds Park. While it’s quite beautiful, what really caught our attention is the constant police presence! There are usually people in there just relaxing, but I think some people try to take advantage of the fact that it’s secluded and fairly quiet. Reminds us of the laundromat we lived across from when we lived on Duboce. There’s no grass for sitting, but there are plenty of shaded tables and the fountain creates nice ambiance.

Tomorrow Chris and I are going to volunteer at a library with underserved students. The head of the program was introduced to us by the owner of my dad’s marina. It should be an adventure! The library has books (duh), some computers, and a cafeteria downstairs that serves the kids breakfast. The head of the program suggested that we all start by singing a song to break the ice. We promise we won’t do anything like this!


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