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Chris’s mom is back in Santa Barbara, so it’s back to just me, Chris and Holly again since yesterday. So yesterday was a tough day for us, filled with some homesickness.

But I feel like homesick is the wrong term, because it’s not our actual home or even San Francisco that we miss — it’s that we’re so far away from family and friends. It’s like what our fellow traveler Alexey told us: everything would be perfect if he just had his friends with him. It’s one of the tough trade-offs you make when traveling full time.

We’re scheduled to be here in Buenos Aires — Palermo, to be exact, pictured above — until the 26th, but we’ve decided to extend our stay until early May. Chris and I are both going to take some Spanish conversation classes to continue improving our Spanish but also mostly for the social aspect. I’m also eager to go to this English/Spanish language exchange on Saturday, called Spanglish. We also still have things on our BA to-visit list, including checking out more street art and live music.

We’re also trying to decide where we should go next! As scary as it is to admit, we don’t have many months left. In September, we’ll be hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail with my dad and then scooting over to New York for a friend’s wedding, so we only have 4.5 months left. We will probably visit two more countries, and Chris really wants to go somewhere a little more tropical. I’d like that too. So it’s time to start moving north. What do you think — where should we go next? 




  1. I hate to think I’m cutting your trip short! Go to Costa Rica, so you can give me tips for the honeymoon :D

  2. My parents loved Costa Rica (for drinking, eating, people, and generally being “temporary expats”). I loved the Yucatan (for scenery and beaching) & Cozumel (for scuba).

  3. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys!

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