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Baja Sur

It’s our second day of driving across the deserts of Baja California. We’ll be crossing the border tomorrow. See you then! In the meantime, enjoy the photos.


Road to Loreto

On the road to Loreto


Mission in Loreto

The mission in Loreto


Mission in Loreto 2

Old equipment on display at Loreto’s mission


Loreto Waterfront

Loreto’s waterfront


Loreto Waterfront 2

Youth in Loreto


Loreto Malecon

Wandering around Loreto’s malecon — it was a ghost town


Ghandi Library

Library in Santa Rosalia


Panaderia Sta Rosalia

Famous bakery in Santa Rosalia


Baja Norte

Coming over the mountains to northern Baja


Dr Seuss Cactus

Weird looking cacti that remind me of a Dr. Seuss book

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