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Samara Natural Center 1

We don’t want to leave! This may sound unsurprising, but typically Chris and I are ready to mosey along after 3-4 weeks someplace. But for the first time since October, we don’t want to go.

Don’t get me wrong: I can’t wait for some cooler weather up in the mountains in Monteverde. And I’m looking forward to one day not smelling of sunscreen and DEET. It would also be nice to not have to pay US$6 for peanut butter. And maaaaybe it freaks me out that we’re an hour away from a hospital. But there’s something about this place that really rubs off on you.

Today we were headed toward the Natural Center, pictured above and below, which I sometimes think of as “Gringo HQ,” to get our bus tickets. But instead we bumped into lots of friends, old and new!

Quick side note, two of our three favorite eateries in Sámara are at the Natural Center: a falafel place and a crepe place. The third is the soda, or diner, operated by the people who own our bungalow. I don’t think it has a name, but they serve delicious arroz con pollo and other dishes, and it’s across the street and a few doors down from Palí. Cindy and I hung out there the other night, and they make a delicious coffee with ice cream too!


Falafel Samara


Samara Natural Center 2


OK, back to old and new friends. First, we passed by Lisa and Brookie‘s ice pop stand, and decided we must have an icy treat and a fun chat. Love those two!

A while later while we were chatting, another couple stopped by with their daughter. Turns out, they’ve been living in Costa Rica for almost a year and a half! Originally from Pleasanton, not far from where I grew up outside of San Francisco, they took the plunge and decided to move here with their three kids. Now they’re about to head back and are trying to figure out how they can do a big overland trip as a family. SUPER. COOL.

After we got our bus tickets and stopped for a crepe — made by a French expat who we chatted with about how much we all love cheese — we headed back along the beach. The view, it never gets old.


Samara at Dusk


Then, Chris spotted our friend Jose sitting along the rocks. We’re so glad we saw him, because he’d been in Nicaragua visiting family and also working on a construction project, he said, and we were worried we wouldn’t see him before we left. He’s such a nice guy, and he gave us his phone number and told us to call if we ever need anything.

It was at about this time that we thought, well, we’re definitely coming back here. Because despite the heat and the bugs, the people are kind, the pace is tranquilo, and it’s incredible being surrounded by so much natural beauty. We leave Saturday morning; hopefully the time goes by slowly.



  1. hey, i just pd $6.50 for peanut butter in sacramento! small jar too! loving your notes.
    Godfather Bill and kathy

    • Haha OK, I guess I don’t feel so bad then! Hope you’re enjoying the summer. xo, T

  2. We made the blog! Look forward to following along with your journey. And also need to pick your brain about making $ with a non location specific income :)

    • Great to meet you! :) And yes, let’s definitely stay in touch.

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