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Kosher McDonalds

Look what we saw today! We were over at the movie theater (we saw Divergent, if you care to know) and came across this Kosher McDonald’s. I did some Googling and apparently it’s the only one outside of Israel. There’s a regular McDonald’s on the other side of the food court. We didn’t eat in either of them.

We also got Holly’s official health certificate from SENASA here in Argentina. It was such a pleasant experience! We showed up, filled out a quick form, waited a few minutes for our turn, the woman reviewed our paperwork, and we paid a small fee. Then, we were told to go wait in the park while they put together the certificate. A park? Yes, please!


SENASA park and office




Chris even made a friend! This cat immediately came up to us for some love, which we gladly shared.


Chris and cat


Time is really flying by, and we were laughing today because we were having some deja vu. As we left Mexico City, our last few days were sleepy and we were ready to head to warmer climates because winter was starting. So we fled south to find summer.

Fast forward five months, and our last few days in Buenos Aires are sleepy. Our Costa Rica checklist is complete. We’re about to head north to find summer. Although, we’ll be in the tropics so it’s always summer — just rainier at times.

But anyway, I like the idea of chasing summer. That would’ve been my #2 choice for the name of this blog.


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