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Vina del Mar sunset

The sun is setting on our time here in Viña del Mar. It’s been a lot of fun, and we’ll miss it here. The ocean, the warm weather, our new friends. Also, our favorite bakery.

It’s called Panaderia Maitena and it’s on the corner of Traslaviña and Valparaíso. Their bread is delicious and their pastries are even better. We’d often stop there for empanadas and/or berlines. Even at 10:00pm, it was packed.


Maitena Panaderia Vina del Mar


Chris finished his Spanish classes yesterday. He really enjoyed them, both because of the challenge and the people he met. We’re going to go to Chile’s first Red Bull flugtag with a couple of them today. We also have some chores to take care of before we hit the road.

We’ll be making four stops over the next few weeks: a guesthouse in the countryside in central Chile, a stop in Valdivia, a lakeside visit in Puerto Varas, and a farmstay in Chiloé. After that, we’re planning to fly to Punta Arenas. Possible the plan may change. Who knows?

We’ll keep you posted.


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