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Gran Cenote 6

After a little work this morning, we hopped on our bikes and headed for the Gran Cenote. It was a little farther than the first cenote we visited, but also much bigger.

While Cenote Calavera is peaceful and situated pretty much in someone’s backyard, Gran Cenote has snorkel gear and lockers for rent. The downside: more people! It was approximately US$10/person to get in and US$6/person for a mask and snorkel, and it’s located on the highway to Cobá about 3.5km from the intersection from the main highway in Tulum. There were also people diving there.

There was a group that was really scared to get in, which I could relate to from last time. But you’re not even allowed to jump into this one except from the platform down below. There were also some cool caves to explore, both under and above water. And little fish to swim with you.

Anyway, enjoy the photos! And after you do, here are some good reads for today. Haven’t shared any in a while.


Gran Cenote 4

This is where the turtles are! You can see one swimming on the bottom-left


Gran Cenote 1

These caves continue pretty far back, and with your mask you can see how deep they go too


Tamara Chris Gran Cenote

Snorkel mask faces!


Gran Cenote 2

There’s a little “island” in the center, and the water goes all the way around


Gran Cenote 3

Clear and chilly water


Gran Cenote 5

Looking up



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