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The deliciousness above is a calzón roto, which tastes a little like a chewy donut and is finished with powdered sugar. Notice the artful twist? The perfect accompaniment to your Nescafé.

Other baked goods common in Chile are empanadas de pino, filled with ground beef, hard-boiled egg and an olive. There are delicious sandwich rolls that also have a good chew, as well as these small croissants with a sweet glaze called medias lunas.

I’ve been getting back into beef-eating because there’s a LOT of beef here. Many of the typical Chilean dishes have beef and potatoes. Chris is in heaven.




We visited an exhibit that had salt all over the ground, which made us think we should probably go to Bolivia. It was about urban planning in Santiago in order to reduce economic inequality. One of the strategies is to connect all the disparate neighborhoods with free, open, green spaces. It reminded me of that New York Times story about how upward mobility is most possible when communities have a mix of income levels, and how it’s least possible when rich and poor are segregated.

One of our favorite things to do in new cities is visit the markets and grocery stores. It’s fun to take in the little differences and see what people buy and eat. One thing we saw at the grocery store is yogurt in bags, kind of like what frozen peas come in. The other thing? Mayo in bags. Mmmm…




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